Is It All About Lust Or There Is Something More To It?

People tend to think that South Florida escort is all about catering to the lust of men. However, the truth is absolutely different. Many men pay huge sum of money just to get an insightful company of a woman, who could listen him out without judging him. The act of judging is somewhat very common in everyone, but an escort never does that and this brings solace to the client who hires her. Sex becomes secondary here, but opening up to someone is absolutely relieving and better than orgasm.

Why men indulge in talking rather than sex?

As the general notion by females, men are always sex craved, which makes them pound anything with a hole. This may be a true observation about many men in particular, but not true at all for some of them. The fact that men also have heart, but they are bit apprehensive to open up is as true as their sexualized image. Many men approach South Florida escort and other escort agencies in South Florida area with the request to arrange a meeting with a woman, who is kind hearted and doesn’t mind listening.

There are many reasons for this;

  • Many men, who have a successful career can’t just open up and show their vulnerable side to anyone. Not even to the people, who know them. This is because they have a reputation and image to uphold.
  • Like women, men also have many emotional urges and thoughts that they need to vent out. It is seldom easy to share their thoughts with someone they know. Hence, an escort is the finest option available.
  • Sexuality is overexposed for men that they find it inconvenient to speak out to their partners. Here an escort comes handy to just talk to and may be indulge in sex, when a man feels light.

What are the usual aspects of this kind of encounter?

Most of the men want many things to talk out to their companions, but seldom can. This also includes an intimate physio-emotional connection, which means just holding hands or cuddling up closely. Though, all of it may sound very childish, but this is what actually happens with men. Sex becomes secondary and at times a man doesn’t even want to have sex, but just talks.

South Florida escort is good in holding meaningful conversation that can satiate and sooth a man, under any circumstances. At times it has so happened that an escort has only one or two clients of this type, for whom spending time is more important than having a quick sexual session. Many escorts have admitted that they have enjoyed this kind of encounter a lot because their client treats them as a lady and not a sexual object.

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